Conscious Healing Alternative Therapy Sanctum

Conscious Healing & Alternative Therapies Sanctum

"There is a communion with The Omnipresence, and a communion with the earth, and a communion with Divinity through life."

 "Be still and know that The I Am Presence is Ever Present Within You."



"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." The quote is by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin."

Words that impact you resonate with your Divine Truth.

Knowledge that you seek exists within.

Your own Consciousness Awakens the 'I Am' presence within you.

Consciousness within Breath is one with all of life.

Unconditionally, unlimited giving of Itself to all the other selves, within It-Self.

The truth that one seeks in the Divine is 'Unconditional Love'.

Unconditional love has no name for It embraces all.

Permeating the continuous process of It-Self within the 'I Am' is inseparable with all in One-ness.

The truth is in all your imperfections you are perfect.

You are realized, you are enlightened.

Awakening is accepting who you are in the 'I Am' presence within you.

Acceptance is acknowledging the inseparable One-ness in all your being-ness.

All your being-ness is honoring the truths of your being in this embodiment of your physicality. 

Every aspect of life within itself Is, being that which it is.

Experiencing life within life in the 'I Am' presence, within all of life.

One can only understand the divine self through experience.

Experience is the Divine within all in the 'I Am That'.

In the 'I Am That' every individual on the experiential plane is being just that.

Within every experience there is Divine-ness. 

"We are all one equal in BREATH"




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    Art Therapy

    The I Am Presence is ever present, presenting Itself through the aspect of your being-ness.

    "To be or not to be, To Do or not to do, the choice is contained within the question." What ever

    in belief of what is and is not is merely moving from the limitations into the vast aspects of

    your beingness in knowing that it is simply choosing consciously to apply 'Choice.'

    Who says you can and cannot? Exactly! So in your wanting, in your willing to learn, to know and

    understand the 'Unlimited Potential Self ', simply 'Un-limit'  your-self and explore the aspects of

    all your being-ness.  Your joy-full,creative being within is all that you are in your choosing to be.

    Art Therapy requires nothing more or less of you, its a play with colors knowing that your learning

    process in play is creatively expressing the connectedness 'De-light-fully'.

    Your Life is, you are! Find what gives you your greatest joy and you wake up to understanding within

    your experience of It, that you are " More than you believed your-self to be".

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